Is There Life Without Money?

Money. Money. Money. I’m no expert all I have is my personal experience but I can say life seems to be a never ending cycle of spending money and trying to get money. After I was put on maternity leave, the hunt started. How can I make money fast and from the luxury of my own home? After countless hours on the web I have come to find that its almost impossible to do. Many companies state how they can change your life forever and you can start making $700 – $1600 but can you really? I have come across some sites that seem legit but its not income worthy. You can spend your days taking surveys but for what, 5 cents or if you’re lucky 10 cents? Once I became a mother, my view towards working changed. I didn’t want to leave my new baby in the hands of anyone, but is being a stay at home mom realistic now a days? I remember growing up in a one income home where my father worked all day long and my mother stayed at home with us kids doing pretty much everything else. I have decided that at this time in life, I must go back to work but it leaves me wondering how do people manage to live on one income now a days? Is the dream to be able to stay home with my child and future kids a thing of the past?

3 thoughts on “Is There Life Without Money?”

  1. Check out Young Living. It gave me hope that maybe, just maybe, I could have some extra money and eventually hopefully work from home. Not trying to sell you, I swear. I just really enjoy it. It’s all hard. Working full time and then still being short. I’m hoping this will build into a solid extra income.

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  2. I totally get this! I wanted to be a stay at home mom but it just isn’t working that way. Thankfully we have someone to watch my son who we trust (my mother-in-law), but I still wish I was home with my baby. Great post!


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