Dear Daughter

You know not everything in life turns out the way you hope for. I thought I had my life completely figured out until two pink lines changed my world forever.

Dear Daughter,

I never know what to say so bare with me as I try to find the worlds to express how you’ve changed my life forever. Before you were born I was in a very dark place, I hated everyone around me but I hated myself the most. You see I’ve never felt like I could accomplish anything great in life. I wasn’t a genius when it came to school, I didn’t know how to play an instrument and I didn’t like sports. I couldn’t find anything that interested me so I fell down a bad path. I went out every night and was in a relationship I hope you never find yourself in. My life was spiraling out of control until I met your daddy. He treated me like a person and encouraged me to better my life. It was every bit of a sappy love story you could think of. We had everything planned….until we didn’t. Becoming pregnant changed our plan and after a few rocky months, reality set in that we were going to be parents. Everyone was excited and couldn’t wait to meet this sweet little baby girl! Unfortunately, before he was able to meet you, your grandpa, my father passed away. I lost it and didn’t know what to do. How could I raise a child without one of my favorite people? It all flew by so fast and next thing I know you’re in my arms. After all those months of sadness and uncertainty, it all cleaned. When I saw you I saw a future. I saw a purpose in life and a will to keep fighting. You saved me and becoming your mama has been the biggest blessing I could ask for. I hope you grow up knowing that I’m not perfect but I’m trying everyday to give you the life you deserve. Your daddy and I are trying so hard right now to finish school so you can have a permanent place to call home. I never want you growing up thinking you’re not enough because you gave me the strength to realize I was. I never want you to doubt how loved you are. I hope you grow up to feel comfortable enough to confide in us no matter what happened. You will always be our little girl and I thank god everyday for what he has given us. But most important I thank god everyday for bringing you into our lives when we needed you the most! For now you’re just a small child who needs me everyday but I hope when you find yourself no longer needing me you’ll always remember where your home is.

Love your mama ❤️

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