Day In The Life

Being at home since March has definitely been an adjustment. I use to work two jobs 7 days a week sometimes both jobs in a day. I’m blessed to be able to stay home this long with our sweet daughter and watch her grow but I haven’t figured out if I can continue to do it. Stay at home mom or working mom?! I’m constantly torn about being there every second of the day or providing a second income for a better future.

My day is anything but normal. It starts bright and early every morning at 6 am when my husbands alarm for work goes off. Too bad he doesn’t wake up, I do. Once my sleep is broken I get up and head to the kitchen. I would love to say I make a fabulous breakfast and start the day right but I’m lucky if I get to drink my coffee hot. Within minutes of me being awake, the baby awakens (see no hot coffee). I get her bottle ready and head back to our room to grab her so she can eat. By this time, my husband is fully awake in the shower. We currently live with my mom since we both are in school still so I get a lot of help from her. By the time he’s out of the shower our daughter and I are both dressed and “fed”. Luckily, when my mother wakes up she takes the baby so I can lay down for an hour or so. Everyday laundry needs to get done, groceries need to be bought and dishes need to be cleaned. Around 10:30 am our daughter takes a nap so I’m able to get the most done around this time. B will be at work all day so by the time he gets home he’s tired. I don’t expect anything from him, when he gets home the laundry is done, dinner is almost ready and our baby is happy. I live a crazy life some days but it’s the best life. It’s a moms life. And after most chores are done or at least started I take sometime for myself. I believe it’s very important to have time for yourself, a quiet time where you can think straight and just breathe. The day in the life of a mom is not easy. I applaud all mothers for doing what they do! I’m so grateful I get to experience motherhood with all its craziness! The love I have for my family I wouldn’t change for anything❤️

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